Sunday, July 15, 2012

CocoaHeads Chapter in Charlotte, NC

Hello CocoaHeads!

Well, that's what I'd like to be saying.   I am interested in forming  a local chapter of CocoaHeads in the Charlotte, NC metro area.  CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussion of Apple Computer's Cocoa Framework for programming on MacOS X (including the iPhone). During monthly meetings, members present on their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

A Cocoa HeadI hope to find enough local interest to get a viable group going since the nearest established chapters are in Greenville, SC or Raleigh, NC.  These are both to far to be involved with on a regular basis (for me anyway).

If you are interested, I have started a FaceBook Group to help spearhead the effort.    There is also an 'old school' mailing list for CocoaHeads that I have signed up for and put out an initial mailing to gather interested people.

It is my intention for this chapter to be open to all, from complete n00bs to seasoned professionals, to help share knowledge.

Please post a comment if you are interested!  You can also email me directly:  doc 'at' tcah 'dot' com.

Thank you,

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